Polystyrene Supported [N-(Alanine) Sulfonamide]/Palladium Chloride: Synthesis, Characterization, for Heck Coupling Reactions

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Department of Chemistry Faculty of Science Lorestan University, 68137-17133 Khorramabad Iran


As a monomer, the [N-(alanine)] para-styrene sulfonamide (ASS) was prepared, from the reaction of para-styrene sulfonyl chloride and (S)-(+)-alanine in the presence of KOH 1M as a base, and CH3Cl was used as solvent. The monomer confirmed using FT-IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy. Polystyrene [N-(alanine) sulfonamide] (PASS) was also prepared from the polymerization of [N-(alanine)] para-styrene sulfonamide (ASS) in the presence of AIBN (azoisobutyronitrile) under atmosphere of nitrogen. Then, the Polystyrene [N-(alanine) sulfonamide]/ palladium chloride as a polymer- supported palladium complex was also prepared from the reaction of PdCl2 (CH3CN)2 with PASS in the presence of KOH 1M. In the result, a green solid was appeared. Moreover, this catalyst was synthesized for the first time as a polymer-supported palladium and applied in Heck reactions.