Fe3O4@SiO2-PEG/en is a Useful and Effective Nanocatalyst for One-pot Synthesis of 1-Amidoalkyl-2-naphthol Derivatives under Solvent-free Conditions

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Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University (PNU), P. O. Box: 19395-4697, Tehran, Iran



This study investigated the catalytic role of Fe3SO4@SiO2-PEG/en nanoparticles in the synthesis of 1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols by using the multicomponent one-shell reaction between different aldehydes with 2-naphthol and acetamide under solvent-free conditions, at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. And compares it with existing methods. Recent studies show that the important features of this heterogeneous catalyst, such as mild reaction conditions, simple operation, non-toxicity, low waste, short reaction time, high product yield and the ability to reuse the catalyst, make this catalytic method efficient in terms of economics and benefits. Increases the environment.