Rapid and Green Synthesis of some Benzothiazole-, Benzimidazole- and Benzoxazole-2-thiol Derivatives Using Copper Sulfate in Aqueous Media

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Vali-e-Asr University


     In this study an easy, green, efficient and simple approach is reported for the synthesis of some benzothiazole-, benzimidazole- and benzoxazole-2-thiolderivatives. The proposed approach employs the reaction of corresponding aromatic amine with potassium isopropyl xanthate (Z11) in the presence of copper sulfate (CuSO4) as a catalyst under conventional heating and ultrasonic irradiation. The advantages of this protocol are: using water and glycerol as green solvents, commercially available precursors, simple work-up, an inexpensive catalyst, high yield and short reaction time.