One-Pot Synthesis Of 1,3-Benzo[d]thiazolederivatives Promoted By Al(HSO4)3 Under Solvent Free Conditions

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1 Yazd University

2 Departent of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Kashan


Heterogeneous reagent systems have many advantages such as simple experimental procedures, mild reaction conditions and minimization of chemical wastes as compared to the liquid phase counterparts. Al(HSO4)3 as an heterogeneous, efficient, readily available, and cheap catalyst was synthesized and applied for the synthesis of 1,3-benzo[d]thiazole derivatives by condensation protocol of 2-aminothiophenol and aldehydes under solvent free conditions. Short reaction times, high yields, a clean process, simple methodology, easy work-up and green conditions are some advantages of this protocol.