Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, September 2019 
3. Mild and Solvent-free Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of Novel Sulfonamides Containing Hydroxyl Groups

Pages 25-31

Ahmad Reza Massah; Seyedeh Simin Dakhilpour; Sara Ebrahimi; Saeed Naseri; Mina Nateghi

5. Synthesis of New 2-Azetidinone Derivatives and Related Schiff Bases from 3-Phenyl-2,3,6,7-tetrahydroimidazo [2,1-b] Thiazolo [5,4-d] Isoxazole

Pages 42-50

Hamid Reza Jaberi; Hanif Fattahi; Arman Ahmannasrollahi; Mohammadreza Yarandpour; Sharareh Sedaghatizadeh

7. Synthesis of Quinazolinone Derivatives through Multicomponent/Click Reactions

Pages 64-72

Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani; Seyedeh Yasaman Afsar; Parisa Gholamzadeh; Alireza Badiei

9. Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones Promoted by Polystyrene Sulfonic Acid

Pages 80-86

zahra zaghaghi; Bi Bi Fatemeh Mirjalili; Azam Monfared