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1. Milled and efficient synthesis and structural study of 4-phenylsulfonyl-2,3,5,6-tetrachloropyridine

Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Pages 25-35

Marziyeh Mohammadi; Reza Ranjbar-Karimi; Marjan Ghafari; Ali Reza Poorfreidoni

4. Efficient Synthesis of Nickel(II) Complex Supported on Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles as a New and Facile Catalyst for Various Multicomponent Reactions

Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2018, Pages 23-42

Maryam Hajjami; Razieh Nejat; Fatemeh Sharifirad; Fatemeh Gholamian