Keywords = Solvent-free condition
Number of Articles: 2
1. Multicomponent Solvent-Free Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Antifungal Evaluation of Novel N-Amino Benzylthiolates

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 131-139

Hamid Beyzaei; Hossein Heidari; Reza Aryan

2. Synthesis of 6-Amino-4-aryl-3-methyl-1,4-dihydropyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole-5-carbonitriles in the Presence of Reusable Catalyst "Celloluse"

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2016, Pages 81-87

Mehrnoosh Kangani; Nourallah Hazeri; Malek Taher Maghsoodlou; Ali Ebrahimi